April 13, 2021

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please note that as the City is responding to the current COVID-19 health crisis, it is important to keep members of the public, the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP), and staff as safe as possible. For that reason, we will conduct this meeting as a remote video conference meeting through WebEx. We will continue to update you as needed. 


A recording of the hearing can be found here:  https://livestream.com/accounts/17371294/events/9670462

April 2021 Hearing Minutes


12:30 Briefing Session

Chairman’s Report, Committee Reports, Staff Reports


1:00 Public Hearing

Minutes – March 9, 2021




Baltimore City Historic Preservation Guidelines

Request: Approval of Design Guideline revisions

Staff:  Caitlin Audette

Staff Report


3535 Clipper Road (Woodberry Historic District)

Request: Concept Review – Construct a four-story apartment building

Applicant: Gordon Godot, AIA, JP2 Architects

Owner: 3535 Clipper LLC

Staff: Walter Gallas and Caitlin Audette

Staff Report




100 West Franklin Street/502 Cathedral Street - New Psalmist Baptist Church and Parsonage (Baltimore City Landmark)

Request: Rehabilitate parsonage and construct third story rear addition

Applicant: Martin JW Marren (Architect)

Owner: Ministry of Good Shepherds LLC

Staff: Lauren Schiszik

Staff Report
Scope of Work


46-48 South Carrollton Avenue (Union Square Historic District)

Request: Construct two-story addition atop existing first floor

Applicant: Noble W. Baier

Owner: 46-48 S. Carrollton LLC

Staff: Walter Gallas

Staff Report


640 Melvin Drive (Ridgely’s Delight Historic District) 

RequestConstruct rear addition and raise roof 

ApplicantNeil Junker (Consultant)

Owner: Division LLC - Decceco Dockins

StaffWalter Edward Leon 

Staff Report




100-106 West Lexington Street (Five and Dime Historic District)

Request:  Install new curb cut, driveway, and garage opening on building façade 

Applicant: Tim Klempa, Urban Design Group (Architect)

Owner: Central United Management

StaffStacy Montgomery  


3213 Bancroft Road (Bancroft Park Historic District) 

Request:  Concept Review - Construct a rear addition

Applicant: Bruno Vaughn Reich, AIA 

OwnerNathan Jakobovits 

Staff: Walter Edward Leon 

Staff Report




105 Warren Avenue (Federal Hill Historic District)

Request: Retain vinyl windows installed at front facade without CHAP review/approval

Applicant/Owner: Megan Nolan

Staff: Walter Gallas

Staff Report



1724 Thames Street (Fells Point Historic District) 

Request:  Concept Review - Construct two new additions and a rooftop deck

Applicant: Thames Street Holdings LLC 

Architect:  Twopoint Studio, LLC 

StaffWalter Edward Leon 

Staff Report


5914 Greenspring Avenue - Carroll Hunting Lodge (Baltimore City Landmark)

Request: Reconstruct rear ell demolished without permits

Applicant/Owner: Reuben Flax

Staff: Lauren Schiszik

Staff Report
Proposed Materials


1426 Hollins Street (Union Square Historic District)

Request: Reconstruct portion of building demolished without permits

Applicant: Marcus D. Livingston, Jr.

Owner: Respectful Realtors LLC

Staff: Walter Gallas

Staff Report