Federal Hill Local Historic District Designation

In coordination with the Federal Hill Neighborhood Association, the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) is pleased to announce that Federal Hill has been designated a local historic district. For more information about the new district, click here!

CHAP Adopts Revised Rules & Regulations and Design Guidelines

At the December 8th, 2015 hearing of the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation, the Commission voted to adopt the revised Baltimore City Historic Preservation Rules & Regulations and Baltimore City Historic Preservation Design Guidelines. The Commission undertook a year-long revision process, reviewing the proposed revisions at its regular public hearings. To view the final documents, please click here.

CHAP Revamps Article Six Of The Baltimore City Code

Mayor and City Council have recently passed Ordinance 15-408 which revises Article Six of the Baltimore City Code.  A committee of CHAP commissioners, city staff and city stakeholders worked for several years to update the code that governs the powers, duties, and functions of CHAP.   Several changes have occurred: 

• The Special List has been replaced by the Potential Landmark List, allowing temporary protections to buildings during    Landmark designation process,

• Creation of a non-regulatory Historic Resources Inventory,

• Clarifying CHAP’s role in reviewing city-owned structures, and 

• Clarifying historic district designation process.  

The revisions to Article Six of the Baltimore City Code will allow for greater efficiency and clarity in the roles and duties of CHAP and will altogether strengthen historic preservation in Baltimore. 

Click here to download the document.


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