2021 Revisions to CHAP Design Guidelines

This year the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) will be making a series of updates to the Baltimore City Historic Preservation Design Guidelines. These updates will be done in phases as shown in the below outline. CHAP encourages community and stakeholder involvement in this process. Revisions to the design guidelines must be approved by the Commission at a public hearing.

All updates will be reviewed and voted on by the Commission at a CHAP Hearing. Any comments or questions regarding these updates may be directed to Stacy Montgomery at [email protected]

  • Phase 1 - Presented at the February 9, 2021 CHAP Hearing
    • PDF of proposed updates
    • Staff Presentation of Proposed Revisions
      • General edits to address typos and grammatical errors,
      • Updates to address inaccuracies and best practices,
      • Addition of guidelines for decks in Section 1.9.1
      • Addition to interior materials in Section 3.3.1,
      • Addition of guidelines to address planting beds in Section 4.1.1,
      • Addition of guidelines to provide further details on fences, walls, and gates in Section 4.2.4,
      • Additions and clarification to Chapter 6: Design Guidelines for Artistic Expression, specifically the language surrounding the installation of murals.
  • Phase 1.5 - To be presented at the March 9, 2021 CHAP Hearing
  • Phase 2 (TBD)
    • Updates to Chapter 2: Design Guidelines for Additions, New Construction, and Non-Contributing Buildings
  • Phase 3 (TBD)
    • Updates to Procedures for Demolition, including Partial Demolition
    • Updates guidelines to meet the Style Manual for Maryland Regulations