Climate Resiliency

Fells Point Flood Mitigation Guidelines

View of Pier at Fells Point  View of Plaza at Fells Point

Many of Baltimore’s historic neighborhoods are vulnerable to flooding, particularly those close to waterfronts like Fells Point. Whether on the roads, sidewalks, or directly impacting buildings, flooding is becoming a more common problem across the City of Baltimore. The historic, attached rowhouse buildings of Fells Point are particularly vulnerable and pose a real challenge for owners seeking to minimize flood damage.  

The information presented in this guide is intended to provide information to property owners and tenants on evaluating options to minimize the impact of flooding to their historic rowhouse properties in Fells Point. It should be considered a supplement to consultation with architects and engineers, the Baltimore Floodplain Regulations, the Baltimore  Historic Preservation Design Guidelines, and the CHAP review process.

Assessment of Flood Risk Adaptive Measures

This was a project of the Army Corps of Engineer's Floodplain Management Services Silver Jackets Program. This interagency project engaged multiple state and local stakeholders for the project, including the Department of Planning's Office of Sustainability. This robust technical report offers proposed flood mitigation strategies for several different typologies of historic structures across Baltimore that are vulnerable to riverine and/or coastal flooding.