Perlman Place

Baltimore City Ordinance 02-0689 11/13/01


Perlman Place MapThe Perlman Place Historic District is bounded on the north by Sinclair Lane, on the east by Patterson Park Avenue, on the south by North Avenue and on the west by Collington Avenue. The District was marked by its strong German immigrant population. There was an extraordinary blend of village fair and urban spectacle in an Old World style. Rowhomes were the style of choice, being placed closely together, forming a tightly knit community. The industry of choice in the District was once the brewery; the largest having been built by George Rost.


The Perlman Place Historic District is important for its strong connections to German immigration. The influx of large numbers of German immigrants caused strongly German communities to develop. Where the rowhomes were close, like in this District, a strong, close community developed. Men like George Rost built large breweries. These breweries carried old world traditions and customs to Baltimore. Rost's brewery was not only for beer making, but for entertainment. Concerts and dinners were held for the residents of the District. Another brewer, John H. Von der Horst, is important to the city's history as well. Horst ran a competitive brewery to Rost. Horst, in order, to as he put it, "sell more beer" founded the Baltimore Orioles. He was able to build a championship franchise, thought to be one of the best of the 19th century.