October 10

CHAP Hearing Agenda
October 10, 2023

The October 10, 2023 CHAP Hearing will be held in the Phoebe Stanton Boardroom at 417 East Fayette Street, 8th floor.

CHAP encourages the submission of written testimony prior to the hearing; testimony should be sent to eric.holcomb@baltimorecity.gov by 5 p.m. on October 9th so it can be incorporated into the staff report and distributed to the Commission prior to the hearing. There will also be an opportunity to provide testimony in person during the hearing. 

12:00 PM   Briefing Session

  • CHAP Committees Updates
  • Demolition by Neglect Law discussion (May be closed for attorney-client privileged discussion as per provisions of the Open Meetings Act)
  • Overview of October Agenda Items

1:00 PM   Public Hearing
Approval of September Meeting Minutes
Approval of Final Agenda – October 10, 2023    

1:05 PM*

1041 William Street (Federal Hill Historic District)
Request: Concept Review: Construct 3rd story rear addition and rooftop deck
Applicant: Adam Carballo
Staff: Tyriq Charleus

1:05 PM*

Working Session: Conservation Districts**
Request: Consideration of the establishment of Conservation Districts
Staff: Eric Holcomb

CHAP 2018 Conservation District Study
University of Minnesota 2011 Neighborhood Conservation District Report

Learn more about this initiative here!

POSTPONED - 1410-1412 & 1416-1418 W. Pratt Street (Union Square Historic District) 
Request: Demolition Hearing I - Determination of Architectural Significance 
Applicant: Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)
Staff: Tyriq Charleus

2:00 PM*
517 South Wolfe Street (Fells Point Historic District)
Request: Demolition Hearing I - Determination of Architectural Significance of rear one-story garage
Applicant: Mary Bickford
Staff: Eddie Leon

*Agenda items will be heard in the order listed. All times are approximate and may start before the posted time.
** In a working session, public testimony is taken, but there is no formal vote by the Commission.