November 9, 2021

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As the City is responding to the current COVID-19 health crisis, it is important to keep members of the public, the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP), and staff as safe as possible. For that reason, CHAP will conduct this meeting as a remote video conference meeting through WebEx. 

Simple instructions to using WebEx available here.

You may join by computer or smartphone at:

Call in Number: +1-408-418-9388 Access code: 2343 275 3770

CHAP encourages the submission of written testimony prior to the  hearing; testimony should be sent to by 5 pm on November 8th so it can be incorporated into the staff report and distributed to the Commission. There will also be an opportunity to provide testimony during the hearing via phone or video conference.

Briefing Session

12:30 PM

Chairman’s Report, Committee Reports, Staff Reports


Public Hearing

1:00 PM

Minutes – October 12, 2021


City Council Bill 2021-0162

Proposal:  Amendment to the Brooklyn Curtis Bay Urban Renewal Plan

Applicant:  City Council

Staff:  Stacy Montgomery


1923 Aliceanna Street (Fells Point Historic District)

Proposal:  Remove unpermitted third-story addition; Construct new third-story addition and reconstruct front pitch of roof

Applicant:  Julie Tice

Staff:  Eddie Leon


 1:05 PM   

600 North Howard Street (Mount Vernon Historic District)

Proposal: Renovate historic building and add two-story vertical addition

Applicant: Blank Slate LLC

Staff: Caitlin Audette


5914 Greenspring Avenue (Carroll Hunting Lodge Baltimore City Landmark)

Proposal:  Reconstruct rear ell that was demolished without permits

Applicant: Reuben Flax

Staff: Lauren Schiszik


1:30 PM    

301 Warren Avenue (Federal Hill Historic District)

Proposal: Construct a four-story Building

Applicant: Harbor Hill Realty LLC

Staff: Stacy Montgomery


100-106 West Lexington Street (Five & Dime Historic District)

Proposal:  Install curb cut, driveway, and garage door on facade

Applicant:  Urban Design Group

Staff:  Stacy Montgomery


2:30 PM    

226 West Monument Street (Mount Vernon Historic District)

Proposal:  Paint mural on side elevation

Applicant:  Jessica Thayer

Staff: Caitlin Audette


1700 West Lombard Street (Union Square Historic District)

Proposal:  Paint mural on side elevation

Applicant:  Ivan Leshinsky

Staff:  Stacy Montgomery


*Items scheduled for the consent agenda may include items previously reviewed by the Commission, that are consistent with the previous actions of the Commission, or items that do not impact properties under CHAP’s review authority. There will be no presentation given or public testimony taken for items on the consent agenda.

Please note that part of the meeting for the briefing session may be closed, as per provisions of the Open Meetings Act.

If you require special accommodations to participate in the public hearing, please contact Eric.Holcomb ( at least 5 business days prior to the hearing.