December 14, 2021

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As the City is responding to the current COVID-19 health crisis, it is important to keep members of the public, the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP), and staff as safe as possible. For that reason, CHAP will conduct this meeting as a remote video conference meeting through WebEx. 

Simple instructions to using WebEx available here.

You may join by computer or smartphone at:

Call in Number: +1-408-418-9388 Access code: 2335 597 8923

CHAP encourages the submission of written testimony prior to the  hearing; testimony should be sent to by 5 pm on December 13th so it can be incorporated into the staff report and distributed to the Commission. There will also be an opportunity to provide testimony during the hearing via phone or video conference.

Briefing Session

12:30 PM

Chairman’s Report, Committee Reports, Staff Reports


Public Hearing

1:00 PM

Minutes – November 9, 2021


807 North Calvert Street (Mount Vernon Historic District)

Proposal:  Construct a 2-story rear addition

Applicant: Gina Campbell

Staff: Anthony Stewart


1:05 PM   

City Council Bill #21-0158 – Landmark List – Truck House No. 5 (Oliver Community Firehouse),  1220 East Oliver Street

Proposal: Designate Truck House No. 5 (Oliver Community Firehouse) as an historical landmark: exterior

Applicant: Councilmember Robert Stokes

Staff: Tyriq Charleus and Lauren Schiszik


506 North Howard Street, and 300-304 North Howard Street (The Mayfair Theatre and the Franklin-Delphey Hotel site, Baltimore City Landmarks)

Proposal: Final Review - Construct a 6-story addition on the Mayfair Theatre, rehabilitate façade of theatre, and construct six story building on former site of Franklin-Delphey Hotel

Applicant: Aaron Zephir, Moseley Architects

Staff: Lauren Schiszik and Stacy Montgomery


500 South Broadway (Fells Point Historic District)

Request: Final Review – Construct a 5-story Mixed-use building

Applicant: 504 South Broadway, LLC

Architect: Adam Carballo

Staff: Walter Edward Leon


2:00 PM    

1517 Eastern Avenue (Fells Point Historic District)

Proposal: Concept Review - Construct a 5-story building

Applicant: Chasen Development

Staff: Eddie Leon


1101-1105 Hollins Street (Union Square Historic District)

Proposal: Concept Review - Construct 3 rowhouses

Applicant: Megan Elcrat

Staff: Tyriq Charleus


104-112 East Madison Street (Mount Vernon Historic District)

Proposal: Concept Review - Construct a 4-story rear addition

Applicant: Mark Banta, BCA Architects

Staff: Anthony Stewart and Caitlin Audette


2:30 PM    


600 South Caroline Street (Fells Point Historic District)

Proposal:  Concept Review - Construct a 4-story vertical addition

Applicant:  Chasen Development

Staff: Eddie Leon and Caitlin Audette


301 Warren Avenue (Federal Hill Historic District)

Proposal: Final Review - Construct a 4-story building

Applicant: Harbor Hill Realty LLC

Staff: Stacy Montgomery


*Items scheduled for the consent agenda may include items previously reviewed by the Commission, that are consistent with the previous actions of the Commission, or items that do not impact properties under CHAP’s review authority. There will be no presentation given or public testimony taken for items on the consent agenda.

Please note that part of the meeting for the briefing session may be closed, as per provisions of the Open Meetings Act.

If you require special accommodations to participate in the public hearing, please contact Eric.Holcomb ( at least 5 business days prior to the hearing.