October 9, 2018

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October Meeting Minutes

Noon   Briefing Session

Chairman’s Report, Committee Reports, Staff Reports


1:00     Public Hearing

Minutes – September 11, 2018


            CONSENT AGENDA


 41-43 South Arlington Avenue and 1101, 1103, &1105 Hollins Street (Union Square Historic District)

Request: Construct Five Three-story Rowhouses

Applicant: South Arlington LLC, Owner (Jim Mills, Owner Representative)

Staff: Walter Gallas

Staff Report


211 West Franklin Street (Howard Street Commercial Historic District)

Request:  Revised Final Design – Construct Four-story Apartment Building

Applicant: Urban Design Group

Staff: Stacy Montgomery

Staff Report


City Council Bill 2018-0292 Urban Renewal – Market Center - Amendment

Request: Review and Respond to City Council Bill 18-0292

Applicant: Baltimore City Council

Staff:  Stacy Montgomery

Staff Report




1209 North Calvert Street (Mount Vernon Historic District)

Request: Alterations to Rear Elevation, Construct Garage and Rooftop Deck

Applicant:  Twopoint Studio, LLC

Staff: Caitlin Audette

Staff Report


719-723 West Pratt Street (Ridgely’s Delight Historic District)

Request: Concept Review – Rehabilitate Four-story Building and Two Facades and Incorporate into a Six-story Apartment Building

Applicant: Kann Partners

Staff Presenter: Walter Edward Leon

Staff Report