August 12, 2014 - CHAP Agenda


Briefing Session 
Close Meeting for Personnel Discussion


2:30 PM

Open Meeting - Chairman’s Report, Committee Reports, Staff Reports 
Report – McKeldin Fountain


2:45 PM

Public Hearing - Minutes- June 10, 2014


2:50 PM

City Council Bills Referrals 
Bill #14-0408 Urban Renewal – Fells Point Waterfront – Amendment 
Edward Leon, staff presenter


3:00 PM

Historic Designations: 
Rehoboth Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic- 700 Poplar Grove Street 
Plan: Designate as a Baltimore City Landmark. 
Rehoboth Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic, owner 
Lauren Schiszik, staff presenter


3:15 PM

Plans Review: 
926 St. Paul Street (Mount Vernon Historic District) 
Plan: replace brownstone window sills with brick 
John and Premila Mussells, owner 
Eric Holcomb, staff presenter


3:30 PM

824 North Calvert Street (Mount Vernon Historic District) 
Demolition Hearing I: Determination of Historical Significance 
816-824 North Calvert Street, LLC, owner 
Eric Holcomb, staff presenter


4:00 PM

Crittenton Home 3110 Crittenton Place (Baltimore City Landmark) 
Plan: Final Review- Construction of 19 new townhomes. 
Crittenton Hill, LLC, owner 
John Brooks, applicant 
Gaudreau, Inc., architect 
Lauren Schiszik, staff presenter


4:30 PM

CHAP Guidelines Revisions 
Proposed Amendments to CHAP Design Guidelines (Chapters 8 & 9) Regarding Lead Paint 
Plan: Revise CHAP Design Guidelines Regarding Lead Paint 
Eric Holcomb and Stacy Montgomery, staff presenters 

Draft Revisions to CHAP Design Guidelines - Chapter 8

Draft Revisions to CHAP Design Guidelines - Chapter 9

The hearing will be held in the Phoebe Stanton Conference Room of the Department of Planning, 8th Floor, 417 E. Fayette Street. Please note that part of the meeting for the briefing session may be closed, as per provisions of the Open Meetings Act.

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