February 11, 2014 - CHAP Agenda

12:00 Noon

Briefing Session -Chairman's Report, Committee Reports, Staff Reports 
Report of Ordinance Work Group, Historic Tax Credit Update, Lead Paint Work Group Update


1:30 PM

Public Hearing - Minutes-December 10, 2013 
Plans Review:


1:30 PM

Canton Methodist Episcopal Church 1000 S. Ellwood Street 
(Baltimore City Landmark) 
Plan: Demolition review procedure Hearing I. Demolish structures (additions) if determined “non-contributing” to the landmark. 
Joseph Schultz, owner/applicant. 
Lauren Schiszik, staff presenter.


1:45 PM

Raffel Building 107 W. Heath Street (Baltimore City Landmark) 
Plan: Demolition review procedure Hearing I. Demolish structure (addition) if determined “non-contributing” to the Landmark. 
111 Heath Street Lofts, owner. 
Charles Belfoure, applicant. 
Lauren Schiszik, staff presenter.


2:00 PM

912-916, 918, 920-924, 926 and 928 Cathedral Street 
Plan: Determination of contributing/noncontributing historical status 
The Portage Corporation, Owner 
Mandy Lippman, applicant. 
Eric Holcomb, staff presenter.


2:15 PM

1720 Fleet Street (Fells Point) 
Plan: Concept review- Construct a three-story rear addition on top of a historic one-story garage structure along the Regester St. side of the property. 
Evan Berger, developer/contact purchaser. 
David Burrows, current owner. 
Elijah Northern, EN Architects, project architect. 
Eddie Leon, staff presenter.


2:45 PM

Eastern Female High School 249 Aisquith Street (Baltimore City Landmark) 
Plan: Concept Review: Rehabilitation of existing building and construction of two-story rear addition. 
Sojourner Douglass College, owner. 
Danny Williams, architect/applicant. 
Lauren Schiszik, staff presenter.


3:15 PM

1927-33 Eastern Avenue (Fells Point) 
Plan: Concept Review Proposal for New Rear Additions 
Dena Pollak, Fells Point LLC, owner/applicant. 
Al Barry, Consultant 
Paul Lancaster, Architect 
Eddie Leon, staff presenter


3:30 PM

149 W. Lanvale Street (Bolton Hill Historic District) 
Plan: Request retroactive approval of tree removal, fence replacement, and parking pad installation without CHAP approval. 
Svetlana Likich, owner/applicant. 
Lauren Schiszik, staff presenter.

The hearing will be held in the Phoebe Stanton Conference Room of the Department of Planning, 8th Floor, 417 E. Fayette Street. Please note that part of the meeting for the briefing session may be closed, as per provisions of the Open Meetings Act.

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