November 12, 2013 - CHAP Agenda

12:00 Noon

Briefing Session -Chairman's Report, Committee Reports, Staff Reports
Report of Lead Paint Committee
Mount Vernon Master Plan Update


1:30 PM

Public Hearing - Minutes-September 10, 2013
Historic Designations:


1:30 PM

Brewer’s Hill Historic District
Plan: Designate as a National Historic District-
Certified Local Government (CLG) review.
Eddie Leon, staff presenter.
Plans Review:


1:45 PM

1101-1105 E. Fayette Street, 1107 E. Fayette Street,
1110 East Baltimore Street, 1100 E. Baltimore Street
(Jonestown Historic District)
Plan: Demolition review procedure Hearing 1. Demolish structures determined to be “non-contributing” to the historic district.
Hendler Creamery Development, LLC, owner.
Brian Mclaughlin, applicant.
Design Collective, architect.
Eric Holcomb, staff presenter.

The hearing will be held in the Phoebe Stanton Conference Room of the Department of Planning, 8th Floor, 417 E. Fayette Street. Please note that part of the meeting for the briefing session may be closed, as per provisions of the Open Meetings Act.

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