February 13, 2018

Noon   Briefing Session

Chairman’s Report, Committee Reports, Staff Reports

            Artistic Expression Zone – Draft for Charles North historic district

            Cross Examination Discussion with Law Department

            Local Historic District Disclosure Forms for Realtors

            March Hearing Date


1:00     Public Hearing

Minutes – January 9, 2018


            CONSENT AGENDA


POSTPONED: City Council Bill 18-0183 Urban Renewal – Coldstream Homestead Montebello – Amendment

Request: Review & Respond

Petitioner: Councilmember Mary Pat Clarke

Staff Reviewer: Stacy Montgomery



CANCELLED: 623 S. Caroline Street (Fells Point Historic District)

Request: Demolition Hearing I - Determination of Architectural Significance

Applicant: H&S Bakery

Staff Presenter: Eddie Leon


418-424 N. Howard Street (Pending Howard Street Commercial Historic District)

Request: Concept Review – Construct Five-Story Addition to 5-Story Building

Applicant: Urban Design Group, LLC

Staff Presenter: Stacy Montgomery


1640 and 1641 Aliceanna Street (Fells Point Historic District)

Request: Rehabilitate North and South Broadway Market structures and Create Outdoor Space

Applicant: Baltimore Public Markets Corp.

Staff Presenter: Eddie Leon


Freeman’s Oval/Hill Street (Franklintown Historic District)

Request: Approval of Subdivision Plan including Concept Approval of Height, Massing and Scale of 14 Houses

Applicant: AB Associates

Staff Presenter: Walter Gallas


1922 Aliceanna Street (Fells Point Historic District)

Request: Final Review - Construct 2nd and 3rd Floor Addition to one-story garage

Applicant: Seto Architects

Staff Presenter:  Eddie Leon


509 S. Washington Street (Fells Point Historic District)

Request: Concept Review – Construct Five-story Apartment Building

Applicant: ADM – Washington Street LLC

Staff Presenter – Eddie Leon


715 Winans Way (Hunting Ridge Historic District)

Request: Install Vinyl Windows

Applicant: Kevin O’Donnell-Zwaig, Power Home Remodeling

Staff Presenter: Lauren Schiszik/Caitlin Audette