February 11, 2020

A recording of the February 2020 hearing can be found here: https://livestream.com/accounts/17371294/events/8997544

February 2020 Hearing Minutes

12:30     Briefing Session

Mount Vernon Squares – Project background and overview of CHAP reviews to date

Brief update on the Mount Vernon New Construction Guidelines


1:00     Public Hearing

Minutes – January 14, 2020


            CONSENT AGENDA

1039 Light Street (Federal Hill Historic District)

Request: Retroactive Approval – retain mural painted on previously painted brick side wall

Applicant:  Mural Masters, Inc.

Staff: Walter Gallas


            REGULAR AGENDA


225 East Biddle Street (Mount Vernon Historic District)


Request: Retain new steel door installed without CHAP review

Applicant: Ammar Shallal

Staff: Caitlin Audette


830 Park Avenue (Mount Vernon Historic District)

Request: Concept review of curb cut and masonry wall and gates

Applicants: Miriam Ewers, Lynda Ewers, and Tim DeVoe

Staff:  Caitlin Audette


1119 and 1121 West Baltimore Street (Union Square Historic District)

Request:  Demolition Hearing One- Determination of Architectural Significance

Applicant:  Baltimore Housing and Community Development

Staff:  Walter Gallas


2001 Aliceanna Street (Fells Point Historic District)

Request:  Final Review - Construct Townhomes

Applicant: Pinnacle Design and Consulting

Staff:  Eddie Leon