August 11, 2020

A recoring of this hearing can be found here: August 11, 2020 CHAP Hearing Recording

August 2020 Hearing Minutes

12:30 PM    Briefing Session

Chairman’s Report, Committee Reports, Staff Reports


1:00 PM      Public Hearing


Minutes – July 14, 2020

1:05 PM



City Council Bill 20-0552 Tax Credits – Historical Properties

Request: Review and Respond

Petitioner: The City Council President, Councilman Bullock, on behalf of CHAP

Staff: Stacy Montgomery

Draft Staff Report
Draft Tax Credit Report

City Council Bill 20-0548 Landmark List: Reed Calloway House, 1316 North Carey Street

Request: Designate as a Baltimore City Landmark

Petitioner: Councilman Leon Pinkett, et. al.

Owner: Trendline Properties, LLC

Staff: Lauren Schiszik

Staff Report

Landmark Designation Report

2:00 PM

612-614 South Wolfe Street - Two Sisters Houses/Caulker's Houses (Baltimore City Landmark)

Request: Stabilize and restore exterior to 1840s-era appearance

Applicant/Owner: Society for the Preservation of Federal Hill and Fell's Point, Inc. 

Staff: Lauren Schiszik

Draft Staff Report

Submitted Materials:
Significance Statement and Restoration Justification
Restoration Plans
Structural Plans

2426 Pennsylvania Avenue - Arch Social Club (Baltimore City Landmark)

Request: Install marquee with LED signage

Applicant: Richard Wagner, David H. Gleason Associates, Inc. 

Owner: Arch Social Club Inc. 

Staff: Lauren Schiszik

Draft Staff Report

Submitted Materials:
ATP application with additional materials
Cover note to Application with images
Request Letter
Architectural Plans
Structural Plans
Electrical Plans
Rendering of Marquee
LED signage info and Theater Marquee Case study